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View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of the Dutch authorities

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of SkyTeam

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Test locations for passengers departing from Poland

Passengers departing from Poznań Poznań Airport is providing the opportunity to perform pre-flight rapid antigen tests or LAMP, in accordance with the tests required by the government of the Netherlands for COVID-19. The passenger test registration desk is located at the main entrance to the departure hall (opposite the temperature gates) and the collection point is located at the eastern entrance of the departure terminal, in a tent set up next to a yellow suitcase. Samples are collected by a medical team from Centrum Badań DNA Sp. z o.o. in Poznań, according to the price list: Price of performing an antigen test together with the result in English – PLN 149. All details can be found: https://poznanairport.pl/en/blog/safety/tests-for-covid-19-available-before-departure-for-amsterdam/ Passengers departing from Warsaw Passengers departing from Warsaw airport are able to make a quick COVID-19 diagnostic test. The Mobile Collection Point (MCP) organized by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration point is located in the Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport hotel belonging to the Polish Hotel Holding, located directly in front of the building of the Warsaw Chopin Airport Terminal (departures area). The entrance to the MCP is on the right from the main entrance to the hotel, in front of Terminal A of the airport. The price of an antigen test for Covid-19 is 200 PLN. Credit or debit card payment is preferred. The result is obtained after 20 minutes. The certificate with the result is issued in English. The price of a PCR test available in 24hours costs 520 PLN. The price of a PCR test available in 35minutes costs 800 PLN. https://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/en/news/0/1019/szczegoly.html Passengers departing from Kraków Kraków Airport has launched the COVID-19 tests for passengers. A passenger can have a test done from 4 hours to 40 minutes before scheduled departure times of direct flights to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, i.e. KLM to Amsterdam (AMS) and Ryanair to Eindhoven (EIN). A swab testing centre will be located directly in front of the main entrance to the passenger terminal (underneath the footbridge connecting the terminal with the car park and the train station). Tests will be administered by Centrum Medyczne iMed24 and one test will cost PLN 200 (card payment preferred). The waiting time for test results is about 20 minutes. Passengers will be issued certificates confirming the results of their tests, in Polish or English. https://www.krakowairport.pl/en/passenger,c70/flight-information,c71/faq-covid-19,c473/ Passengers departing from Gdańsk Passengers departing from Gdańsk Passengers can obtain COVID-19 test from the Gdansk Airport in mobile laboratory. Only antigen test is available, it costs 160 PLN (MON–FRI) and 200 PLN (Sat-Sun). The cost includes the translation of test result into English. The opening hours of the test center shall be checked. https://www.airport.gdansk.pl/airport/news/covid19-test-point-at-the-airport-gdansk--n1964.html Passengers departing from Wrocław Passengers flying from Wrocław to Amsterdam will be able to perform an antigen rapid test for Sars-Cov-2 / COVID-19 at the airport 4 hours before departure. The passengers should report this fact to the airport staff at the entrance, at the temperature measurement point. At Wrocław Airport it is also possible to perform PCR test, carried out with the Real Time-qPCR method, recommended by WHO (World Health Organization). The cost of PCR test is PLN 435. Opening hours of the test site: 04:00 am – 08:00 pm. The cost of the test: PLN 160 per person with a certificate in English (payment: card/cash) PRICE WHILE BOOKING ONLINE: PLN 150 DISCOUNT CHILDREN UP TO 12 (FAMILY PACKAGE) PLN 100 Read more: http://airport.wroclaw.pl/en/2021/02/01/tests-at-the-airport-all-you-need-to-know/