APEX Diamond Award Health Safety

KLM wins Diamond Award for Health Safety

KLM has been rewarded with the APEX Diamond Award Health Safety, powered by SimplyFlying. This shows that we take the right measures at the highest level to offer you the safest possible journey.

Health & hygiene during travel

APEX Health Safety (the Airline Passengers Experience Association) aims to encourage airlines to take on a proactive role in the safe resumption of global travel and to create a common standard for passenger health and hygiene during travel. APEX Health Safety sets the industry standard for customer-centric COVID-19 certification. “It is a commendable achievement that will be recognised by your customers and that will position you as a leader in health and hygiene,” the APEX report states.

About APEX

APEX was founded 42 years ago and has since developed into a renowned research and evaluation organisation in the field of airline passenger experience. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, APEX created the Health Safety Award. Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways, among others, have since won this award.