Flying as a passenger of size

Check how much space there is between armrests, everything you need to know about seat belt extenders, and when to book a second seat.

Space between armrests

All our passengers should have a comfortable flight. To ensure this, you need to be able to move the armrests of your seat up and down. The space in between armrests varies per aircraft type.

Seat belt extenders

The seatbelt length on KLM flights depends on your travel class:

  • between 107 cm and 155 cm in Economy Class
  • 124 cm in Premium Comfort Class
  • between 124 cm and 148 cm in Business Class

If you need a seat belt extender, you can ask our crew on board to provide you with one. These add 63 cm to the seatbelt length. Because of safety, you cannot use your own seat belt extender.

Booking an extra seat

If your seat is too small, you can book a second seat on flights operated by KLM at a 25% discount. Make sure to do this in advance by contacting us.

Note that you won’t get extra baggage allowance by booking an extra seat, and you will need to check in at the airport. If there’s another seat available in the same travel class at the time of departure, you can request a refund of the costs of your extra seat.

Please note that you may not be allowed to fly if you have not booked an extra seat and there are no seats available in the same travel class.

Selecting your seats

A specific pair of seats will be assigned to you. Unfortunately, you cannot view or change these seats online.