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Explore the cradle of European civilisation

Visit one of Europe’s oldest cities! Book a flight to Athens and experience the romance of the old Plaka neighbourhood, or discover the modern side of Athens at one of the city’s numerous clubs. It’s wonderful to spend balmy summer evenings on a terrace while you savour a glass of ouzo and admire a beautiful sunset. The Greek gods knew it all along: Athens is a city that you will fall in love with!

Visit the city’s highest point

Athens is a city with an extensive history, and the highpoint is naturally a visit to the Acropolis. This is literally and figuratively the case, as the mountain towers over the city. A path lined with olive trees leads you to the top of the mountain, where you’ll see the well-known Parthenon. Anafiotika is a typical Greek neighbourhood at the foot of the mountain. Stroll along streets crammed with picturesque white houses that seem to give off their own light in the bright sunlight. Athens is the ideal destination for a weekend holiday or as the starting point for a trip through Greece. Treat yourself: book a flight to Athens now!

Enjoy raki and souvlaki

You definitely have to try a souvlaki or pita gyros with a glass of raki.  These delicacies are almost as essential as a visit to one of the city’s many temples. The streets of Athens boast hundreds of restaurants, many of which naturally specialise in Greek cuisine. An exceptional place for a romantic dinner is the restaurant perched on top of Mount Lycabettus. Here you will enjoy sumptuous dishes with a simply breathtaking view of the city.

Flights to Athens for a unique holiday

With our favourable flight times, comfortable seats and attentive personal service you will reach your destination with ease. KLM is working hard to achieve increasingly sustainable aviation. Would you like to help? Read more about the actions you can take to reduce the impact of your flight.

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